Workshop discussions

Day 1: synergies between national genetic diversity monitoring programmes

More and more national genetic diversity monitoring programmes are being initiated and implemented. One limitation of such national monitoring programmes are political borders that do not reflect the distribution ranges of species. Additionally, reporting of results may be very specific and tailored to national requirements, hampering comparisons among programmes. To overcome such obstacles, synergies should be fostered. So, there could be many synergies that could be fostered.

Hence, we would like to discuss possible synergies among the different national monitoring programmes. Possible topic include:

  • Species, species groups, habitat types
  • Genetic indicators
  • Analyses pipelines
  • Sampling strategy
  • Data storage, management and accessibility
  • ???

For preparation, please send us:

  • A list of the species/species groups that you are or are planning to monitor
  • A list of genetic indicators you want to use
  • Information about your sampling strategy
  • ???

Discussion leaders: Martin, Oliver, Gabriel Let me know whether you are interested to help me moderating this discussion panel.

Day 2: communication and stakeholder engagement                                                             

We all know how important genetic diversity is for long-term survival of species and ecosystem stability, and therefore we need to monitor it. However, for stakeholders, authorities and the public, this is not always the case yet and the topic is often not well understood.

We would like to discuss and share ideas. Please think about how genetic diversity can be vividly communicated to stakeholders, authorities and the public. The COP15 team was very successful in doing so, hence it would be interesting if they could give us some hints on how they succeeded, as well as anyone else who has ideas on how to make the “invisible” genetic diversity visible to the public. A final product could be a leaflet for stakeholder engagement that helps us and communicate with stakeholders and the public

  • If you are willing to share your experience, please, send us ideas or briefly present them during the discussion session.        
  • – What problems, limitations and misunderstandings do you encounter most when talking to stakeholders about genetic diversity and its importance?
  • How can you address them?
  • Please send possible graphic illustrations.

Discussion leaders: Martin, Oli, Gabriel

Let me know whether you are interested to help me moderating this discussion panel.

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