Advisory Group

The advisory group is an important element of this pilot study. The members of this group are experts in various fields that are important for the pilot study on monitoring genetic diversity. They provide critical feedback on the different steps of the pilot study as well as input and technical support for its implementation and further development. The advisory group meets once a year for a workshop during the project phase (2020-2023). 

Members of the advisory group:

  • Dr. Ariel Bergamini
    • WSL Birmensdorf, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Monitoring the Effectiveness of Habitat Conservation in Switzerland
  • Dr. Stefan Birrer
    • Hintermann & Weber AG, Reinach, Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland
  • Dr. Marylaure de La Harpe
    • Kanton Graubünden, Office for Nature and Environment
  • Dr. Simone Fontana
    • Kanton St.Gallen, Nature and Landscape Department, KBNL
  • Dr. Michael Greeff
    • ETH Zürich, Entomologische Sammlung, SwissCollNet
  • Dr. Michael Greeff
    • ETH Zürich, Entomological Collection, SwissCollNet
  • Jodok Guntern
    • SCNAT, Swiss Biodiversity Forum
  • Prof. Dr. Lukas Keller
    • University of Zurich, Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics of Natural Populations
  • Dr. Glenn Litsios
    • University of Neuchâtel, InfoFauna
  • Dr. Sophie Rudolf
    • FOEN, Ecological Infrastructure Section
  • Dr. Benedikt Schmidt
    • University of Neuchâtel, Coordination Office for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in Switzerland