Focus species: Carthusian pink

Dianthus carthusianorum

Carthusian pink, © Alessia Guggisberg

The knowledge of various experts was included in the selection of the plant species.


  • Related to: Clove family, Caryophyllaceae
  • Characteristics:
    • 30-45cm tall, mostly unbranched and hairless
    • Leaves linear
    • Flowers short-stalked, purple and clustered at the end of the stem into a head-like inflorescence surrounded by brown-skinned bracts
    • calyx with yellow-brown and membranous calyx scales, which are extended into a granule
    • calyx tube 12-18mm long, brownish red
    • Corolla petals toothed at the front
  • Flowering time: June – October
  • Habitat: Dry meadows, rock outcrops, sparse forests, dry rough grasslands
  • Distribution: Central European, colline – alpine
Landkarte zur Illustration der Verbreitung Kartäusernelke
© Info Flora / GEOSTAT / Swisstopo
  • Endangerment and protection measures
    • Red List status (Switzerland): Least concern (LC)

Source: Flora Helvetica 5th edition, Info Flora