Project Group

Management of the project’s pilot study for monitoring genetic diversity in Switzerland lies with Dr. Martin C. Fischer (ETH Zurich) and Dr. Jéròme Frei (FOEN). Kathrin Ruprecht supports the project management as project assistant. Prof. Dr. Alex Widmer (ETH Zurich) and the FOEN act as senior managers. Prof. Dr. Rolf Holderegger and Dr. Felix Gugerli from the WSL Birmensdorf also support the pilot study as external experts. 

Dr. Martin C. Fischer coordinates the sample collection. Dr. Alessia Guggisberg and Dr. Michael Greeff (ETH Zurich) are responsible for organising the historic samples. The laboratory work and the genetic analyses are carried out at ETH Zurich and the bioinformatics work is carried out at the Genetic Diversity Center (GCD) of ETH Zurich. The analyses and calculation of indicators are carried out by Dr. Martin C. Fischer. Stakeholder integration is supported by Dr. Eva Lieberherr, ETH Zurich. 

An independent advisory group is supporting this pilot study.